Mymelody answered Henry's question on 26 Jun 2017, 03:51:44

Yes you can. The platform is compatible with most phones and is available at no extra cost.

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Mymelody answered Henry's question on 26 Jun 2017, 03:51:24

The spot positions can be open for a maximum of 1 Month. After 1 Month, your position will be automatically closed at the current market rate.

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Catkathyy answered Joseph's question on 24 Jun 2017, 08:50:26

The forex Rebate is received from the Forex brokers. Forex Brokers share their profits with introducing Brokers as a way of marketing to attract new clients.

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girlslike answered Jeremy's question on 23 Jun 2017, 09:04:27

The most common risk management tools in Foreign Exchange trading are the limit order and the stop loss order. A limit order places restriction on the maximum price to be paid or the minimum price to be received. A stop loss order ensures a particular position is automatically liquidated at a predetermined price in order to limit potential losses should the market move against a trader's position.

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girlslike answered Jeremy's question on 23 Jun 2017, 09:03:38

FX Trading is not centralized on an exchange or clearing house, as are the stock and futures markets. The Foreign Exchange market is considered an Over the Counter (OTC) or “inter bank” market, because these that transactions are conducted between two counterpartys over the telephone or an electronic network. The biggest geographic Foreign Exchange trading centre is the United Kingdom , primarily London . Other large centres include the United States , Japan and Singapore . Most of the remainder is accounted for by trading in Germany , Switzerland , Australia , Canada , France and Hong Kong .

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Pipmaster answered Fxcarebear's question on 23 Jun 2017, 08:50:20

A significant swing high/low, then take a counter momentum trade when price trades back there. Simply! But the most important thing is volatility is going down

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