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Lexie answered PaulMendez's question on 18 Jun 2017, 23:42:07

There are so many differences between demo trading and live trading because demo trading is for a new trader who wants to learn Forex trading and practice all that he has learnt in theory so that he may see if he is getting the real results and if you finds that everything is smooth he can go with a live trading account because as long as he is trading on a demo platform even he loses money he will not lose money because those are not real money so it's a risk free trading exposure available and it is boon for a new trader amazing blessing.

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Matthew answered dacepollard's question on 16 Jun 2017, 01:13:22

Volume has stronger signals when the price is in an uptrend and is endorsing the upward move, so the volume is moving to the upside. On the other hand, if the trend is bearish and the volume is moving to the upside then is confirming the bearish trend.

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Matthew answered dacepollard's question on 31 May 2017, 23:23:05

Demo trading is the best place for beginner to learn trading. And if we're ready, use bonus promo like welcome bonus to start trading in real.

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Matthew answered PaulMendez's question on 22 May 2017, 23:18:37

I like to position trade myself. I personally don't like sitting in front of a computer for 5 hours straight just to pull in a few pips at a time. I only look at charts maybe twice a day and do research a couple of times a week. That's all and so far it's working out pretty well for me

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